Online courses
with a teacher

Learning a language in the form of e-learning - innovative, efficient and involving!
Comfort which cannot be overestimated.

We know that learning a foreign languages is quite a challenge and rather time-consuming, so we offer a modern way of learning online in real time with a  teacher. Your employees can learn in the best conditions, tailored to their needs, in the most convenient place and time. The proposed language courses are an individualized process, and thus provide greater satisfaction and bring  measurable progress in a short time. Teaching on Skype, most often we use a direct method (Direct English) or a communicative one – both based on communication in a foreign language, imitate the process of NATURAL language acquisition by a human.


We use Skype software and interactive tools such as:

  • Google Drive (Google Docs) - allowing cooperation between a student and a teacher on documents and spreadsheets that are used as a board;
  • authentic foreign websites, YouTube videos, Vimeo, etc., this is multimedia work based on the "living" language;
  • educational pages dedicated to language learning.

Every minute is used effectively. Learning online is the convenient, modern and professional, and allows visual and auditory contact with the teacher which means that classes are fully interactive.