School of Foreign Languages
A range of activities
  • A communicative method: listening, writing and speaking in order to prepare students to use the language in professional and private life effectively.
  • Training on site or remotely (Skype, teleconferencing or e-learning).
  • Language teaching with specialist issues such as business vocabulary, vocabulary related to automotive, energy industry, information technology, medical, legal, logistics, customer service, etc.
  • Classes with native speakers and university teachers.
Translation and Interpretation Office
A range of activities
  • Translating and interpreting, sworn and ordinary.
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.
  • Translations of scientific publications, books, manuals.
  • Translations of audio-visual materials with a dubbing, voice over or transcription method.
  • We specialize in technical, economic, marketing, financial and legal translations.
  • We provide verification, editing and proofreading.
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